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Change Management and Innovation


Shifting Change Management to foster Innovation.


Boost your company Value Creation and improve your Patients Journey.

75% of organizational change projects fail to achieve their objectives. But why?

Transformation is a business imperative, even for market leaders.

Yet common obstacles and challenges are known: unclear objectives and milestones and insufficient engagement from senior management in support, training and culture.

We support companies building a Change Culture from top to bottom.

Digital Transformation

Data driven insights

COVID-19 has wrought disruption on how companies work and has accelerated the need to transition.

Creativity - Next Level

Connecting Ideas for more Creative Solutions.


Insights to boost Change Culture.

Clinical Trials

Reduce the time and cost of getting new medicines to patients

Prioritizing Patient Safety.

We offer Lean and Agile solutions which will meet your timelines for clinical trials whether you apply in the USA (FDA) and in Europe (EMA).

We can support Sponsors with a wide range of services thanks to our network of clinical experts who can address the different laws across the several European jurisdictions.


Our area of expertise covers:

  • Clinical trial's authorisation procedure

  • Good Clinical Practice

  • Safety Reporting

  • Clinical Trial Data Transparency


Our capabilities include


  • Quality Assurance & Compliance

  • Regulatory

  • Pharmacovigilance

  • Development

    • Medical​

    • Statistical

    • Market Access

  • IT & Data Management


Companies Set-Up

Quick and Efficient.
We are a One-Stop Shop for companies to set up subsidiaries in Switzerland and Europe.

The prerequisite for a life sciences company to request the Marketing Authorisation Holder (MAH) with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is to have a permanent establishment within a country of the European Union.

The EMA requires proof of establishment and failing to comply can delay the application.

Of course, it is possible to appoint a representative, however the MAH remains responsible for assuring all the obligations imposed on MAHs by the European legislation and by national laws, as applicable.

It is therefore very important to think carefully where to establish first, as it will be determinant for the future of the European operations, including the companies and tax structure.


Life Science Services can support you with the following:


Due Diligence

Based on your business type, strategy and objectives, these are some of the elements we will consider before starting the incorporation of any subsidiary:

  • Substance and value chain creation analysis

  • EMA submissions transferts

  • Elaboration of a suitable tailor-made tax business model including intellectual property aspects (if any)

  • Tax opportunities and tax risk analysis. 



You can set up a company in no more than 3 working days, and for a capital cost starting at EUR 100.

The requirements vary depending on the country. However, the EU encourages all countries to meet common targets for helping to set up new companies.

People Resources

We provide support to your international employees and team members under various forms:

  • Payroll company

  • Interim management solutions

    • FTE for a limited period of time

  • Management consulting solutions 

    • Project managers & advisors to manage and mentor your projects 

We help you take the next step.
Hire us, we deliver.

Thanks for your submission

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Market Access

Get the right value for Reimbursement

Get the right price for your products.

Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) are important tools to support decision-making as well as the development process.


Economic models have to be scientifically robust, credible and easily adaptable.

Our approach is to emphasize the Value Creation factors as per the below:


  • Market Access

  • Pivotal Trials design

  • HE models

  • Evidence Generation

  • Pricing

  • Go or No-Go decision

Value Assessment

  • Payer Insights

  • Reimbursement Paths

  • HTA

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Unmet Needs

  • Research

Value Communication

  • Value Proposition

  • Advisory Boards

  • PAYER Communication Toolkits


Our capabilities include


  • Health Economic Modelling

    • HTA​

    • Disease Models

    • Model Implementation

    • Validation

    • Budget

  • Impact Healthcare Decisions

    • PAYERS​

    • Providers

    • Clinicians

    • Patients

  • Market Access & Reimbursement



Improve Patients Journey through better Operations.


Digital and analytics are reinventing Operations for more efficience and effectiveness.

Speed, quality and cost efficient.

As supply chain is facing more volatile and complex situations, the expectations have never been so high to bring products to Patients faster and safer.

How to give rise to "the Operations of the future"?

Data integration and analytics are part of the tools to the promised land.

Digital Transformation

Data driven insights

COVID-19 has wrought disruption on how companies work and has accelerated the need to transition.

Creativity - Next Level

Connecting Ideas for more Creative Solutions.


Insights to boost Change Culture.


Quality with a big Q.

Prioritizing Patient Safety.

Whether you are an established company or a growing start-up in Pharma or Biotech, we help you achieve your Quality targets.

From Phase I to commercial readiness, we support you achieve your targets in:

  • Design of Quality Management Systems (QMS)

  • Inspection readiness programs and mock inspections

  • Investigations, CAPAs, Risk Assessments 

  • Liaising with Health Authorities

  • Due diligence and audits (routine/ad hoc)

  • SOPs and Technical Agreements and Documentation

  • QP/FvP services

  • Internal training programs, coaching and Quality KPIs


Our Commitment to you


  • Agile

  • Tailor made

  • Best-in-class solution

  • Reliability


Tax (Direct & Indirect)

We make your tax (savings) great again!

With over 60 jurisdictions, we offer a unique, strategic and global experience in tax.

We deliver Best-In-Class tailor made solutions with a 360 degrees approach for direct and indirect taxes.


Thanks to our expertise and our cross-functional approach, we are able to design your tax strategy and turn it into positive outcomes, without any impact to your operational structure.


Let you guided for being compliant and maximize your global tax footprint.


We are the custodian of your tax policy and we design the most optimized and compliant solution for your organization.

Tax Development

The Digital Economy Taxation is a strategic battle between US, home of the GAFA, and the rest of the world.

Market Focus


Competitive Advantage

We transform your Tax from a cost center into a profit center. Furthermore, because of future policies, your good tax practices will become a positive marketing advantage.


Our model is top to bottom and every employee and third party involved contribute to the Tax model.  

Future Returns

Compliance and successful global tax optimization and savings!

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