Tax Services

Tax and agile. Is it really possible? Yes, we can!

In a world of tax uncertainty (COVID-19, BEPS, Swiss Corporate Tax Reform III, US GOP Tax reform, EU VAT reform, etc.), companies lack of action will mean missed opportunities.


More effective business modelling could make possible companies to better anticipate the different outcomes of the legislative processes.


As companies’ structures are also facing big changes, i.e. commissionaire structures being challenged, it is critical for companies to rely on a realistic transfer pricing model, including the necessary studies.

But is your tax team ready? Here is how we can support.

Transfer Pricing

The OECD BEPS project has been a significant game changer on how Transfer Pricing methods are choosen and applied.

Are you ready?

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International Tax Structure

Challenges in the world of Corporate Tax for the years ahead.

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COVID-19: Tax update

The preservation of the EBIT and especially the cash is critical.

We identified opportunities to safeguard your assets.

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Value-Added Tax (VAT)

Alignement of VAT flows with Supply Chain, support for VAT applications and compliance reviews. 


Cross-border rulings (EU pilot project), implementation of VAT software and process improvement

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